In our aspirations to make our services as convenient as possible we introduced pickup and delivery services. Normally our client collect their cargo from our respective offices but if you are not in a position to do so we can deliver the cargo to your office or residence at a minimum additional cost. The minimum additional cost will approximately the same cost amount you would incur if you were to fuel your own car to come and collect the package from our office.

Our pickup services are to do with collecting your cargo to bring it to our offices for shipment. If you are purchasing from a supplier that is not in a position to deliver the purchased items to our offices for shipment, we can make arrangement to collect  the items from the supplier to bring them to our offices for shipment.  Pickup from supplier does not involve any due diligence or making payment on your behalf, we will only collect goods that have already been purchased or transaction of buyer seller have been finalized.

To get started with any of the above, simply call our respective office and request either a pick-up or delivery.