Salihiya Cargo an expert in freight and logistics has partnered with Centro Tessile Milano(CTM) that brings together several verified traders in Milan - Italy.

This partnership solves many challenges that people shopping abroad face at times resulting in losses worth thousands of dollars.

On Centro Tessile Milano website you will be able to browse thousands of traders dealing in a variety or products. Once you find what you need Salihiya Cargo will come in and ship the products to you.

You can choose to ship online or visit Milan – Italy physically for your shopping.

If you shop online, Salihiya Cargo will make arrangements to collect products bought, pack them and ship them to you. Centro Tessile Milano has already verified this traders so you will have no worries on credibility and capability of the trader delivering the order.

If you choose to visit Italy physically, our business product will still be of great help to you. Once you have selected the items and paid for them, you can travel back immediately and leave Salihiya Cargo to facilitate collection of the goods and shipping. This will save you money from the extra unnecessary days you would spend in Milan.

When visiting physically our team will provide you with an English Speaking Tour Guide to make your shopping experience pleasant and efficient. With a guided tour you will be able to save a lot of time and eventually money by spending less days doing your shopping.

Affordable Cargo Management Solutions provided to our business club members will ensure mitigation of losses related to cargo handling.

International Fair and Exhibition arrangements to meet clients and suppliers is part of the package when you join our Business Club.


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